Bennie Verslaghen


Last year, Connie Nooitgedagt was the only statue from the 4Daagse family that did not walk but sat. 2021 would be her year. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. Yet she got her best year ever. Last month (July '21) she went to Nijmegen to walk for 1 day on her own. She was at Wijchen and only had to walk a few kilometers, but... there HE was, her hunk! She knew right away.
He was wearing his Four Days Marches uniform and sat at a milestone with 4 Days inscriptions. Two souls melted together. It was immediately love at first sight. He had to recover from his second vaccination. It had slightly more side effects than expected, so he rested for a while. He looked at Connie and said, "Everything will be fine, thumbs up. This is my year to practice." He needed that too. See how his feet are bound?
This was his fourth walking day. Walked all the way from the far north to Nijmegen. He wanted to walk 50 kilometers a day for four days. Today he had ten kilometers left to walk. Together they missed those last miles. What started with a milestone, ended on a terrace. Do I need to explain the rest? No, a dream couple!
Bennie is defeated by love. Connie never thought it would, but she found her guy.
Together they will experience their first real Nijmegen Four Days Marches in 2022.
Will they???

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