Graodus fan Nimwegen


The most famous song of Nijmegen 'Al mot ik krupe' was written and performed by Theo Eikmans, who changed into his alter ego Graodus fan Nimwegen with a little face paint, a clown suit and a big bow. During the carnival he was, in addition to being a musician, also a 'tonprater' (teller of jokes) with whom he enjoyed a lot of fame in Nijmegen. His song 'Al mot ik krupe' has become a real Nijmegen anthem and is often played during carnival, the Four Days Marches and during NEC football matches.

For walkers, 'Al mot ik krupe' is a song to stay positive during the tough walking march. The finish line has to be reached on the last day of the Four Days Marches, even if it has to crawld.

'As je ien de vrimde zit'

The lyrics of the song make you long for the city of Nijmegen. For many a walker, the word 'Vierdaagse' is already the trigger to get Four Days Marches fever and to come to the city as quickly as possible, even if you are 'in de vrimde' (abroad). Every year, thousands of walkers from more than 60 countries catch the four-day virus.

'Ik wil nog een keer Sint Steven heuren sloan'

The song is not only an anthem for the walkers, but also for the revelers of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches. There will be dancing and singing until it is really time to go home, but not before Sint Steven (church) has struck its bells again.

From Gevelconcert to tin figurine

In 2006, Ramon Jahn of De Tinnen Roos was captivated by the rendition of 'Al mot ik krupe' during the Gevelconcert (musical event during the Vierdaagsefeesten). From that moment on, the idea arose that this Nijmegen icon should one day be interpreted as a statuette.
To conclude the Four Days Marches family with a tenth family member, it was necessary to conclude with a unique statue. Richard Hendriks contacted De Tinnen Roos with the idea of ​​a statuette of Graodus. The circle was complete. After contact and permission from the relatives, Eduardo Perez started with the 3D design that was eventually printed, cast, soldered and finished by the entire team of De Tinnen Roos.

The ultimate gift for the Four Days Marches enthusiast and carnivalist

Knotsenburgers and 4Daagse-walkers will find this tin figurine the ideal gift to receive or to buy for themselves. This Nijmegen icon should be on the mantelpiece of everyone who has a warm heart for the Four Days Marches and /or the Nijmegen Carnival.

Text 'Al mot I krupe'

Al mot ik krupe, Op blote voeten goan
Ik wil nog een keer Sint Steven heuren sloan
Al mot ik krupe, Op blote voeten goan
Ik wil nog een keer Sint Steven heuren sloan

As je ien de vrimde zit
En je leest ien de krant
Van die mooie ouwe stad
Ien’t verre Nederland
Dan kruupt er iets bij je omhoog
En dut het je overal pien
Dan denk je dikwijls bij jezelf
Wat zou ik daar groag zien

Al mot ik krupe….

Woar is toch de Liendenberg
Woar is de zeigelboan
Woar is toch die verkensmert
En die mooie langeboan
Alles is afgebroken
Geen huus is blieven stoan
Moar een ding dat is zeker
Mien hart blief voor je sloan

Al mot ik krupe….

As je ’s nacht noar huus toe komt
En zie je die toren stoan
Dan denk je aan die ouwe tiet
Hoe het vroeger is gegoan
Woar je als kiend geboren bint
En werd groot gebracht
Da kun je nooit vergiten
daaroan denk je dag en nacht

Al mot ik krupe….

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