Mrs van Kronenburg


During the Four Days of 2016, Mr. de Waal met a sporty woman. Every day they met each other on the route and in the end they decided to join the march together. Since then they have become a sweetheart and together they have been riding a lot of kilometers.

Mrs van Kronenburg is a sporty woman at an age. Despite or thanks to thousands of kilometers in the legs, she still looks bad. Maybe her sense of fashion also helps a bit. Reportedly she runs city and country for the latest looks. Even during the Nijmegen Four Days Marches she is there to get through a ring. That is exactly what is going to happen, because earlier this year she was asked to marry Mr. de Waal.

* Mrs. van Kronenburg is named after the Kronenburgerpark. One of the green areas of the inner city.

Mrs. van Kronenburg is a wonderful Four Days Marches souvenir to give as a present. To keep your collection of the Four Days Marches family complete, this is an essential souvenir.

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