In 2019 we will meet a new family member. Marieke's cousin participates for years, but not with our Four Days Marches family. As a soldier, he walks with his company. Daily with packing, as the rules are from the Nijmegen Four Days Marches.

Jopie, as our military walker is called, shows that the Nijmegen 4 Days Marches has a truly international character. With his foot on a globe and a backpack full of flag badges, he is the model of fraternization during this walking march. The 4 Days Marches are also named 'The Walk of the World'. All continents are represented in its appearance so every soldier will be able to identify. Did you know that during the first Four Days Marches, only ten citizens participated? The rest of the 306 participants were military.

Our Jopie is named after one of the famous stores of Nijmegen. Since 1953, Nijmeegs Jopie has been the place for army dump items. The face of Jopie is derived from the current owner of this family business.

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