General terms and conditions

Below you will find the delivery and payment terms of this webshop. This webshop ( is part of De Tinnen Roos.

"Consumers" means in these terms the buyer and / or client, natural person, who uses the services or goods of this webshop.
Under these terms, "entrepreneur" means the natural or legal person (De Tinnen Roos) that offers products and / or services remotely to consumers.

The entrepreneur is entitled to require advance payments from the consumer for the fulfillment of the consumer's payment obligations up to 100% of the agreed price before commencing work and deliveries.
If it is not possible to perform the agreement in accordance with the original agreement, De Tinnen Roos will guarantee a refund of the advance payment to the consumer. The Tinnen Rose will pay the prepaid sum to the consumer within five business days.

Any failure of the entrepreneur in complying with one of his obligations gives the consumer the power to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part, unless the shortcoming - in view of its particular nature or minor significance - does not justify its dissolution with its consequences.

The amount owed to the entrepreneur must be paid prior to the collection of the order, ie via the online payment options offered during the ordering process, unless the parties agree otherwise.
In case an invoice is sent, a payment period of up to fourteen days after receipt of the invoice by the consumer will apply.

Legal interest and extrajudicial costs
In case of late payment of a due amount, the entrepreneur has the right to charge the statutory interest in accordance with Article 6: 119 of the Dutch Civil Code from the date of commencement of the default. The extrajudicial costs incurred by the entrepreneur are borne by the consumer.

In case of cancellation of the agreement by the consumer, it is held to the entrepreneur to pay the costs which the entrepreneur has reasonably and demonstrably made.

The Tinnen Roos offers the opportunity to cancel the agreement within 7 business days after delivery. The items must not be damaged.

Warranty and inspection
The entrepreneur warrants that the goods delivered to him comply with the standards laid down for this purpose by the Dutch government. Furthermore, the entrepreneur guarantees that the goods delivered to him comply with the requirements of usability, reliability and lifespan, as intended by the parties to the contract.

The entrepreneur warrants the communications that he has made public about his product or service and / or (or) for his disclosure, as well as the advertisements to which he referred or which he has otherwise expected the customer to could trust

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