Mole Control


Mole Control

2 to 5 players / 10 - 15 min. / 6+

It is a nice and breezy summer day. The perfect day to do some gardening. Then a pile of dirt catches your attention. On closer inspection it appears to be a molehill. Panic! Moles may look cute, but they are a menace to your beautiful, flower filled garden. You need to get this mole under control, now!

In this game for 2 to 5, players take turns to add cards with stinky flowers and tasty insects (or so the Mole thinks) to the communal gardens. After that, you get to move the Mole to one of the gardens. The garden occupied by the mole is off-limits until the Mole is moved to another garden.

Once you run out of cards, you must claim one of the gardens. But, make sure to pick a garden the mole doesn't like, or your flowery oasis  will soon be nothing but dirt and bumps again...

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