Twisting Chess


Twisting Chess is a unique chess game with two extra characters that give the classic game a huge twist. With the arrival of the Twister and the Mimo (chameleon), the gameboard gets two extra rows with extra fields, two turntables and special dice. By scoring enough points on your opponent you unlock the two extra characters on your board and the game can get a completely different turn at every turn.

The "chess game" is a great game, but to get the hang of it, you need a lot of time and maybe years and years of practice and dedication. This may be a barrier for some players not to play and to miss this fantastic game. For new generations it is a step that they do not take to learn it. Twisting Chess makes chess easier to enter because grand masters can be defeated by starting players. No matter how great your knowledge of the classic game is, the Twister and the Mimo can confuse everything. Twisting Chess combines strategy with a dose of luck.

Twisting Chess is the result of a collaboration between De Tinnen Roos and Laloberinto Art & Design Because the game concept, the design and the production of all game components are done in-house, all knowledge and expertise are used to the maximum for a great end result. Originally started as a Kickstarter project, but now also available for the commercial market.


With the purchase of a complete set of Twisting Chess you will receive:

  • 20x polished 3D game pieces
  • 20x 3D game pieces antique polished / matt
  • 1x acrylic game board
  • 2x acrylic player board
  • 1x Wheel of Life + Wheel of Transformation polished
  • 1x Wheel of Life + Wheel of Transformation antique polsihed / matt
  • 2x dice
  • 1x game rules

More information on the Twisting Chess website.

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