The Face Of Nijmegen - Coin


This mask has its origins in an archaeological find of a 2,000-year-old Roman equestrian mask - one of the oldest and most beautiful objects in the history of Nijmegen and the Netherlands. Artist Andreas Hetfeld was captivated by the beauty of the equestrian mask that inspired him to create the monumental work of art "The Face of Nijmegen". After a majestic journey across the Waal, the 6-meter high mask artwork has been on the city island of Veur Lent since April 2020. Since then, the iconic image has magically attracted visitors and photographers. Photos of the statue have now spread all over the world as a symbol of hope, strength and protection.
The artist has sought collaboration with Ramon Jahn of the craft company De Tinnen Roos to develop and manufacture this coin of the artwork. De Tinnen Roos is located in Millingen and is known far beyond the national borders for its craftsmanship and detailed products. Millingen is also the place where Shipyard Millingen produced "The Face of Nijmegen".

Material: Tin

Size: 5 cm

Including transparent storage box

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