Pin '2021 almost there'


"We zijn er bijna, we zijn er bijna, maar nog niet helemaal" We can sing this Dutch walkingsong in our own house, because not everyone has had the injection yet. The Four Days Marches has been canceled for the second time in a row this year due to corona measures. Unfortunately, no walkers from all over the world gather together for a fantastic event for four days. We have to wait another year, but 'we are almost there' as the vaccin is already circulating.

Especially for this year's Four Days Marches, De Tinnen Roos has released a new pin. This time the theme is 'almost there'. The '1' of '2021' has been turned into a vaccination syringe to protect every walker and the public against corona.


* the Dutch song can be translated like "We are almost there, but not quite yet"

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