Hanging Christmas ornaments Nijmegen set


"Feur ien 't kerstbeumke"

Your Christmas tree will be extra special if you decorate it with beautiful memories. Your grandmother's first Christmas bauble, a cuddly toy from your loved one or a pendant with an image of your city. For Christmas 2020, a set of four different Christmas pendants was released, each with its own image of the oldest city in the Netherlands. Four times the pride of Nijmegen. 

A set of 4

This set contains a copy of each image. They come in a special box that can function directly as a gift box.

I Love Nijmegen

This tree hanger was designed by De Tinnen Roos and was released in collaboration with I Love Nijmegen.

Separately or in a set

The Nijmegen Christmas pendants series consists of the following four images:
* Waalbrug
* De Oversteek
* Goffertstadion
* Stevenskerk
All hangers are available separately in the webshop, or can be purchased as a complete set. This way you determine which Christmas pendants will hang in your tree.

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