Game pieces Nijmegen - Four Days Marches


Make your Nijmegen & 4 Days Marches edition of Monopoly even more unique with these Nijmegen game pieces.

8 extra game pieces, each with a recognizable piece of Nijmegen or 4Daagse. How fun is that?!

For example, play with De Waalbrug, De Oversteek, De Kruittoren or the St Stevenstoren, but also Emperor Charles on horseback, a miniature 4 Days Cross or a walking shoe can be your game piece. Then you miss one item and that is of course The Goffert Stadium.

In addition to Monopoly, you can also use these game pieces for other board games.

It is therefore a nice addition to your game cabinet or to give as a gift to a real game fanatic from Nijmegen.

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