Four Days Marches charm 'Feet forward'


Attention! The displayed image is a render of the design. Once photos of the final result become available, we will add them.

Step by step towards the finish line
Follow in the footsteps of perseverance and personal victory with our breathtaking silver Four Days Marches charm, specially designed to embrace the spirit of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches. With graceful footprints encircling the entire charm and the iconic Four Days logo, this charm captures the essence of this legendary walking event and serves as a timeless memento of your unforgettable journey through the Kingdom of Nijmegen.

A walk filled with perseverance
The Nijmegen Four Days Marches is a trek of perseverance, determination, and courage. Our silver Four Days charm embodies these values and honors your tireless dedication to reach the finish line. The footprints surrounding the charm symbolize the many steps you have taken and the obstacles you have overcome during this extraordinary journey.

A special community
Wear our silver Four Days charm with pride as a badge of your achievement and connection to the Four Days Marches family. The Four Days logo shining on the charm reminds you that you are part of a special community that shares the same passion for walking, adventure, and self-conquest.

A masterpiece for your Trollbead and Pandora collection
As an avid Trollbead or Pandora collector, our silver Four Days charm is an essential addition to your collection. The intricate details and meaningful design make this charm a true masterpiece. Effortlessly combine it with other charms to create a unique bracelet or necklace that tells your personal story. If this is your first charm, start telling your story by wearing this piece of jewelry on your wrist.

An eternal memory of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches
The Nijmegen Four Days Marches is not just an event; it is a journey filled with memorable moments and priceless memories. Our silver Four Days charm captures those precious moments and carries them within. Every glance at your wrist will remind you of the incredible experiences, the friendships forged, and the personal victories you have achieved.

Charm details:
Material: Silver
Designed by Ramon Jahn & Eduardo Pérez
Design year: 2023
'the original' Four Days charms fit Pandora and Trollbeads bracelets.

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