Blue Silicone 180° 1+1 disk

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Hardness 50 shore approx. 

1-component silicone rubber vulcanises at 180 ° at 120 bar.

Vulcanization time 1 hours per cm

1 + 1 disc = bottom plate + cover plate

Properties and application:

- easy processing
- temperature resistant in the short term up to 450 degrees Celsius
- high tear strength and moderate flexibility
- very detailed detail in the reproduction
- For the production of molds for casting low-melting metals (tin, lead and with limited useful life at Zamak)

- during vulcanization, place talcum powder or graphite spray between the two discs, otherwise they will stick together.
If you want to make thicker discs, you can leave out the talcum powder or graphite spray so that the discs can vulcanize together.

Further product information:

Color blue
optimally suited for use in Vulcanize frame

Shore 50 hardness after vulcanization
minimal shrinkage

DTR Silicone Rubber is very suitable for the production of heat resistant molds
Permanent temperature resistance up to 330 °

medium-term temperature resistance up to 450 °

At the same time, the shapes are elastic, wear-resistant and also suitable for the representation of undercuts.

DTR silicone rubber can be used to produce single or multi part molds

For forming original models made of wood, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic casting compounds.

Care must be taken to ensure that the mold is absolutely dry and the mold must be treated with talcum as a separating and fluxing agent before each casting. This gives you better casting results and protects the mold from burns.

These silicones have not been tested for skin and mucosal compatibility or for use with food.

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