Gladiolus on Four Days Marches ribbon

Article number: Gladiool_lint_og

The gladiolus is the flower of victory. The Four Days Marches is certainly a victory. The St. Annastraat, the last part of the route on the fourth day, is not called Via Gladiola for nothing during the walking event. Thousands of people are on this last stretch along the route to give the walkers gladiolus. Our pewter gladiolus is a lasting memento of four days of walking.

With the special ribbon you can hang it on your neck or hang it as a gift around the neck of the person who deserves it.

The ribbon has the colors orange and green, the official Four Days Marches colors.

New design 2022
With new techniques and even more craftsmanship, the design of this gladiolus was adapted in 2022. Even nicer details!

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