Alien Getaway

Alien Getaway
1 to 4 players / 10 - 15 min. / 8+

Poor, ever so clumsy Zoid has committed a big boo-boo, an mistake of astronomic propositions, so to say. Zoid's little accident set off a chain reaction that led to the destruction of an entire uninhabited planet. Luckily, Zoid was able to jump into his spaceship in time to escape the explosion. But to stay ahead of the planet's ravaging debris, he has to carefully navigate the asteroid field that surrounds it. Will you help Zoid get away?

In Alien Getaway you help Zoid get away from an exploding planet. The player who collects the least penalty points, wins.
In Alien Getaway 1 to 4 players help Zoid to find his way through the asteroid field. Players will play cards to lay out an escape route for this little green man. However, Zoid is an impatient little bugger and if he travels too fast and gets off track, the active player will have to take a penalty. But, there are ways to get rid of penalties and taking a penalty might not always be as bad as it seems...

Zoid is included as a (lead free) pewter miniature, with antique finish to highlight the details.
Alien Getaway combines tile laying, press-your-luck dice rolling, and tactical set building mechanisms into a swift game that is out of this world!

Players take turns plotting a route through the asteroid field Zoid needs to cross. Every turn a player takes two cards from the draw pile. From their hand, the player can play as many cards as they like, as long as these cards have the same value or crystal. For every card they built, 4 dice have to be rolled, indicating how fast Zoid will move forward. But if there is no plotted route, the player will get penalty cards. By combining these cards in a smart way, players can get rid of thes penalty points again. The player with the least penalty points wins.

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