TFC Troll Factory Silicone Rubber Type 6 Food 1000g


Orange Soft Shore 22

Content: 1000 g (500 g A + 500 g B)

Extra hardening 2-component silicone rubber vulcanises at room temperature.

The silicones are supplied in high-quality plastic squeeze bottles with dosing cap, making it easy and clean to work. Thanks to the packaging, the exact dosage can be made effortlessly.

The silicones can be stored for at least a year.

This silicone has been tested for use with food and has been designated as safe for food and was in accordance with § 5 paragraph 1 No. 1 of the Food and Consumer Goods Act (BfR). This qualification makes it safe to use as a mold for chocolate, marzipan, baking mixes, ice cream, etc.

Features and application:

- simple processing
- simple mixing of components, ratio 1: 1 on the basis of weight
- very good fluidity, the mixture is easy to pour
- Combination to rubber-elastic vulcanizate without reaction heat
- temperature resistant to 250 ° C for short periods
- high tear strength and high flexibility
- very high detail in the reproduction
- excellent anti-stick effect for easy detachment of the models
- Use for the production of molds for food, bakeware, consumer goods and body impressions

Further product information:

Color: white (component A) and apricot (component B)
Mixture: 1: 1 by weight
Specific weight: 1.1
Viscosity 2200 ± 300 cP
Mixing time at 23 degrees Celsius 1 minute
Processing time at 23 degrees Celsius 5 minutes
Curing time at 23 degrees Celsius 40 minutes
Hardness Shore A after 24 hours 22
Breaking load 3.5 ± 0.2 N / mm²
Extension at break 1000 ± 20%
Tensile strength 15 ± 1 N / mm
Reproduction detail: 2 microns
Dimensional change after 24 hours 0.02%

TFC silicone rubber type 6 is very suitable for the production of advanced, elastic and durable forms with pronounced undercuts.

The shape can also be used as a baking tin. For this purpose, the mold must be pre-heated during production (tempered).

It is possible to achieve a continuous temperature resistance of up to about 240 degrees Celsius.

TFC Silicone Rubber Type 6 can be used to produce molds for forming original models made of wood, glass, metal, plastic, wax, ceramic molding materials. This can be molds in one piece or consisting of several pieces.

Fabricate molds for casting with all water-soluble casting materials such as Stewalin, Plastalin Super, Keraflott or plaster, Keramin, Alabit, Giesston, cement, concrete, etc.

Possibility to pour with soap fats (soap glycerin) for the production of your own soap or wax for the production of candles.

Casting resins are possible, but in that case you have to pre-treat the mold with a release agent before pouring, because casting resins can lead to embrittlement of the mold after repeated casting.

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