TFC Troll Factory Silicone Rubber Type 3 HB pewter heat resistant 1000g

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Content: 1000 g (500 g A + 500 g B)

Extra hardening 2-component silicone rubber vulcanises at room temperature.

The silicones are supplied in high-quality plastic squeeze bottles with dosing cap, making it easy and clean to work. Thanks to the packaging, the exact dosage can be made effortlessly.

The silicones can be stored for at least a year.

Features and application:

- simple processing
- simple mixing of components of 1: 1 by weight
- very good fluidity, the mixture is easy to pour
- Combination into resistant, rubber-elastic vulcanisate without reaction heat
- temperature resistant in the short term up to 450 degrees Celsius
- high tear strength and high flexibility
- very detailed detail in the reproduction
- For the production of molds for casting low-melting metals (tin, lead)

Further product information:

Color: red (component A) and white (component B)
Mixture: 1: 1 by weight
Specific weight: 1.1
Viscosity 7000 ± 300 cP
Mixing time at 23 degrees Celsius 1 minute
Processing time (shelf life) at 23 degrees Celsius 10 minutes
Curing time at 23 degrees Celsius 120 minutes
Shore A hardness after 24 hours 33 ± 2
Fractional load 4.7 ± 0.2 N / mm2
Extension at break 430 ± 20%
Tear resistance 16 ± 1 N / mm
Reproduction detail: 2 microns
Dimensional change after 24 hours 0.02%

TFC silicone rubber type 3 is very suitable for the production of heat resistant molds (short term, at the time of casting, no permanent temperature resistance) for casting with low melting metals.

At the same time, the shapes are elastic, wear-resistant and also suitable for displaying undercuts.

TFC silicone rubber type 3 can be used to produce molds with one or more parts

For forming original models made of wood, glass, metal, plastic, wax, ceramic molding.

Fabricate molds for casting with all water-soluble casting materials such as Stewalin, Plastalin Super, Keraflott or plaster, Keramin, Alabit, Giesston, cement, concrete, etc.

You can also add low-melting metals.

Care must be taken to ensure that the form is absolutely dry and the shape must be treated with talc as a separating and fluxing agent before each casting. This gives you better pouring results and protects the mold against burns.

These silicones have not been tested for skin and mucosal compatibility or for use in combination with food.

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